Kỹ năng

Mô tả công việc

- Develop, improve and maintain Smart Contracts, apply to use-cases such as NFT minting, Marketplace Operation, On-chain => Offchain integration (using Wallet and NFT as logging keys)
- Work with product teams to write smart contracts according to the needs of each product team
- Research, explore, discuss, debate, come up with development ideas in a general direction and work with the team on those ideas
- Read/Understand technical papers/documents to come up with a solution as well as install that solution in the code base
- Research and learn about models of other protocols on crypto space
- Write tests and deployment scripts
- Work, report and be trained by Blockchain Tech Lead

Yêu cầu công việc

- 3 years+ experience in coding smart contracts
- Strong Experience working with Web3 js, Node js, Vue js, React js
- Have good logical thinking, good knowledge of algorithms and algorithms (priority is given to those who have participated in national, regional or international competitive programming at high school or university)
- Can read and understand technical papers/documents at the method/algorithm level
- Possessing the working spirit of a startup: proactive, self-responsible at work, willing to try new things, learn new things, have a problem-solver mindset
- Able to communicate in English at work at a good level or higher, especially reading and writing skills at a level that can meet the requirements of intensive document research
- Have a sense of writing clean, meticulous and detailed code
- Have good teamwork skills, support colleagues with/different teams
- Priority is given to candidates who have knowledge of code bases, models of protocols
- Priority is given to candidates who actively research and optimize the system and give ideas to develop the system
Interview: 2 rounds online

Quyền lợi ứng viên

- No probationary period, receive 100% official salary
- Opportunities onsite and working with big customers, advanced technology, self-development...
- The opportunity to work in groups with many leading experts in the field of domestic and international IT.
- Opportunity to implement ambitious projects in many countries, exposure to the latest technologies and learn from good colleagues.
- Working in a young, vibrant, modern and multicultural environment; Communication activities and events on holidays take place regularly.
- Opportunity for advancement based on ability with corresponding increase in rank and salary increase.
- Have the right to participate in soft skills training courses (logical thinking, creative thinking, communication skills, project management skills, negotiation skills…)
- And many other attractive benefits...

Địa chỉ làm việc

100% Remote

Việc làm cùng kỹ năng

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Tiền thưởng

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Tổng quan

  • Mức lương: 25-35 triệu
  • Kinh nghiệm: 3 năm
  • Trình độ: Không yêu cầu
  • Vị trí: Senior
  • Loại công việc: Fullstack
  • Hình thức: Full-time
  • Số lượng: 1 người

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