Kỹ năng

Mô tả công việc

1. Participate in the design and development of core product functions.
2. Maintain good communication with backend developers, test team members, product designers, and UI designers to complete product functions together.
3. Continuously optimize code, analyze performance problems and be able to find and implement solutions.
4. Promote the standardization and engineering construction of Web front-end; solve complex technical problems;
5. Fluent in English or Chinese

Yêu cầu công việc

1. Proficient in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, ES6 and other front-end related technologies, with solid basic knowledge;
2. Be proficient in basic data structures and algorithms
3. Proficient in Vue or React, TypeScript and other frameworks, proficient in front-end development models such as MVC and MVVM, and understand the principles of virtual DOM;
4. Proficient in git version management tools and commands;
5. Be able to independently complete the front-end project architecture, have a deep understanding of workflow, and be able to build reasonable projects without relying on scaffolding, including code splitting, lazy loading, delayed loading, etc.;
6. Be proficient in Nodejs, be able to use Nodejs as an auxiliary tool, be familiar with SSR principles and be able to implement them;
7. Have a deep understanding of front-end performance optimization;
8. Have good working and coding habits, and strong learning ability for new front-end technologies;
9. Good communication and expression skills, clear thinking, able to guide others, strong initiative and sense of responsibility;
10. Have strong analytical and problem-solving abilities and good teamwork spirit.
We are preferred:
1. Served as a technical leader or team leader.
2. Have game development experience
3. Have experience in flutter development
4. Have a deeper understanding and practice of front-end security

Thời gian làm việc

Trong tuần: Từ thứ 2 - thứ 6

Trong ngày: Từ 08:30 giờ - 18:00 giờ

Quyền lợi ứng viên

- No need to try a job, get an official job with 100% salary.
- Opportunity to work with big customers, advanced technology, ability to self-develop...
- Opportunity to work in groups with many leading experts in the field of domestic and international IT.
- Opportunity to carry out ambitious projects in many countries, gain exposure to the latest technologies and learn from talented colleagues.
- Work in a young, dynamic, modern and multicultural environment; Communication activities and events on holidays take place regularly.
- Opportunity for advancement based on ability with corresponding increase in rank and salary.
- Have the right to participate in soft skills training courses (logical thinking, creative thinking, communication skills, project management skills, negotiation skills...) and Japanese language classes.
- And many other attractive benefits...

Địa chỉ làm việc


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Việc làm cùng kỹ năng

Tiền thưởng

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SE Fullstack AWS + React + Java - Tiếng Nhật N2

  • 50-70 triệu
  • Tokyo
- Làm cùng khách hàng và làm đầu mối giao nhận việc với team offshore - Thực hiện vận hành và phát triển hệ thống của KH. Bao gồm vận hành, design, code, test. - Kỹ thuật: • Cloud: AWS • FE: React TypeScript • BE: Java, Spring Boot • DB: SQL Server - Giao nhận việc với team offshore, quản lý và báo cáo tiến độ, chất lượng, QA

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Tiền thưởng

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Tiền thưởng

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Mức lương

20-30 triệu

Thông tin

  • Kinh nghiệm 3 năm
  • Trình độ Không yêu cầu
  • Vị trí Middle
  • Loại công việc
  • Hình thức Full-time
  • Hạn nộp hồ sơ 2024-05-19
  • Số lượng 1 người
  • Quy trình phỏng vấn 1 vòng
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